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Stark & Company offers multi-level, integrated consultancy services to private investors, financial advisors, institutions on portfolio and fund development, product structuring and monitoring, manager research and due diligence, reporting, risk management, operations and compliance, and marketing.

The alliance between Stark and Company and Granite Asset Management, an alternative investments boutique specializing in managed futures portfolio allocations, allows us to excel in structuring custom managed futures portfolio allocations for global institutional investors. Several areas of specialized services provide an advantage to private investors and institutions as we assist in their expansion into the managed futures sector. They include:

In-depth reviews of client investment philosophies, including portfolio risk/reward objectives and time frame for performance.
Analysis of portfolio parameters such as strategy, styles and market sectors.
Qualitative and quantitative research analysis.
Manager evaluations including peer group and correlation analysis.
Manager selections including portfolio weighting and historical back-testing.
Portfolio monitoring including daily risk analysis, position analysis and parameter checks.
FCM/CTA/Trading Desk liaison and translation.
Multi-level compliance and customer service- driven operational support.
Custom marketing strategies and target market penetration programs.
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